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The leading platform in Business Communication.
As if it were Facebook, but for your company.

Licensing, implementation, adoption and integrations...

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We are services Partner and we can help you create a better experience for your employees (EX) with Meta's Workplace, the platform with more than 7 million users worldwide.


Book a free consulting session to assess the type of license you need and introduce you to the features that will strengthen your organizational culture.


Workplace creates more efficient communication by reducing the distance between people.

Turn your business into a community using easy-to-adopt features like chat, live video, groups, and your intranet with the work tools your employees know because they use them every day.

The experience of EX employees- an emerging trend fueled by the pandemic, it is now a critical business need. 


Does your company belong to the 61% that have an indefinite or basic EX strategy?

82% of customers say Workplace strengthens their culture.

Of the innovation of products and processes after implementing Workplace.


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Promotes business communication

Share information with the right people to improve collaboration and efficiency.

  • News section -Create posts using Facebook's artificial intelligence (AI) to prioritize the most relevant information, based on previous interactions with your collaborators.

  • Resource Library -The most user-friendly intranet that simplifies content creation and sharing. Everyone will love her.

  • Groups -Improve collaboration and strengthen your organizational culture.

Strengthens the organizational culture

Give people the tools they need to express themselves.

  • Opinion surveys -Know what people prioritize so you can grow your community around what matters most to them.

  • Profiles -Connect your entire organization in a more personal way with profiles where everyone can express their business identity.


We implement Workplace taking into account both technical and cultural aspects of your organization, guaranteeing the security and protection of information.

We accompany you before, during and after the implementation. 


Repetitive tasks can be automated on Workplace, freeing up your employees to collaborate and focus on strategic work. The automations (orbots) are digital assistants that help you be more productive at work.


We integrate Workplace with the work tools of your digital ecosystem and train your teams on how to efficiently use the functions available in each integration.

Workplace is easy to implement and integrates with any other third-party tools you use to simplify processes.

As a Meta Workplace partner, API Consultores helps you with:


The Metaverse - transforms the work experience

At API we are partners with Meta,  we can help you transform your employee experience and address the future of work in the Metaverse.


We are experiencing the next step in the evolution of computing platforms: The metaverse is an internet you can inhabit, sharing space with desktop and mobile capabilities to work, socialize, and innovate.


Build your digital future in the Metaverse with  API Consultants and Meta Workplace 

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Horizon Workrooms:

Workrooms is a virtual VR space that brings together teams in the Metaverse to collaborate and develop new ideas together.


Quest for Business:

Combine digital and physical to work together from anywhere.

Working virtually provides powerful new ways to make your business smarter, faster, and more productive.


workplaceis the first commercial application in themetaverse. Investing in Workplace in the early stages will ensure a competitive advantage.

Learn about new products and

Goal experiences:

Are you ready to generate a positive work culture through powerful digital solutions?
Start your free 30-day trial of Workplace Core today. 

You do not need a credit card:
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